Brokopondo kayak tour

Brokopondo canoe tour
Trip type: Adventure trips
Date of outward travel: by request
Date homeward travel:
Travel time: 9 days

Price:  EUR 995 all-inclusive

A wonderfully complete 9-day canoe trip for all ages across the Brokopondo reservoir at just €995 per person!

Step into the world of tropical rainforests with the people behind NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL’s first documentary. Enjoy nature in its purest form, and take up the challenge of dense rainforests, beautiful rivers and the fascinating Brokopondo reservoir.

Because a dam was built in de mid-60’s in Brokopondo province, the huge water reservoir came into being; the Professor Dr. Ir. Van Blommensteinmeer, otherwise known as the Brokopondo lake as locals call it, with a surface area of more than 900 square miles. Twenty Saramaccan villages, a church, a railway and vast areas of rainforest were flooded during its inception. Yet, the sun-bleached canopies of forest giants still stand tall to this very day and nature has recaptured its place. It is therefore a breathtaking adventure to paddle through with your own kayak and setting up camp on the various little islands, accompanied by the sunset on this vast reservoir. Today it is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Suriname and Suriname Kayak Adventures is the first and only company that hosts trips for this area. This surreal landscape will have you paddling across the lake’s history and it allows you to meet its natural inhabitants such as the fascinating and playful giant otters, tapirs, howler monkeys, iguanas, sloths and caimans.

Day 1
Arrival in Paramaribo and transportation to hotel Eco Resort to meet us en the rest of the team.
Hotel Eco Reort in double room

We gather at the Peperpot canoe center where we embark on a wonderful ride through the rainforest to Atjoni village at the Suriname river. This is where we unload our kayaks and commence the first part of our journey across the Suriname river. We set up camp at the edge of the village before sailing onto the reservoir the next early morning.
Spacious 2-person expedition tents, full board.

Day 3
We get up early today and start the first part of our journey across the Reservoir, where we arrive at our camping island at the foot of the Brownsberg mountain towards the end of the day. We catch our breath and we take some time to supplement our meals by self-caught fish. Spacious 2-person expedition tents, full board.

Day 4/7
We get going early and paddle across the many dead trees that arise from the depths bleached yet proud. We even have to look out for branches who threaten our vessels just below the surface. Towards the end of the afternoon we set up camp at a nice location, which we suspect to be a ‘hot spot’ to catch Toekoenaries. (A Toekoenari is a tropical peacock bass and is known as a delicacy throughout Suriname). Nothing trumps the enjoyment of grilling a captured Toekoenari under the watchful eye of the setting sun, knowing there is no one around for miles; just us and the jungle. The tree frog and howler monkey might decide to be culprits by ruining your night’s sleep. Earplugs tend to help.
Spacious 2-person expedition tents, full board.

Day 8
Today we paddle towards the Brownsweg where we’ll be picked up. We load up our kayaks and drive back to Paramaribo with an unforgettable experience in the back of our minds.
Hotel Eco resort

Day 9
We check out on 12.00 and continue our trip or leave to the airport

This trip allows Suriname Kayak Adventures to offer everyone the opportunity to discover this part of Suriname . Discover the primal forest with its fauna, the streaming rivers with its wild currents and uncover the sensation behind a reservoir sunset, the cacophony of sounds and the beauty of exotic plants and animals. Discover the Suriname belonging to the Saramaccans, a West-African tribe who have been living next to the larger rivers for two centuries now, and still adhere to African culture.

Group 6-8 people

Group larger than 8 people

Price per person €995

Commonly asked questions


We don’t travel during the raining season so the weather will be warm (between 24 C and 34 C)
The wind will keep you from noticing the sun’s brightness, so you will need to protect yourself well by regularly applying protective lotion with at least factor 30.

No. Anyone who is decently in shape and of good health can participate in this canoe trip. It is not a race and the intention is to enjoy the amazing environment in a more active way.

We use the new Tarpon 160 Sit on Top kayaks for this tour. A flat bottom in the cockpit ensures for a stable boat, while its length and limited depth give it sufficient speed. The boat has a comfortable backrest, plenty of storage to accommodate a longer expedition, two cockpit hatches and a large oval cockpit. Length 4,27 meters/width 71 cm / weight 28 kg, in short; the ideal boat for this tour!

In principle, all those without prior canoe experience can participate in this tour, but we do advise those travelers to rent a canoe a few times beforehand to gain some experience. Experienced guides will accompany you during this journey, who will assist you wherever possible.

As we spent most of the time on the kayak and islands in the lake there is a ferry small chance that you will find any dangerous animals, but you’ll have to combat with some mosquitos during dusk. That is why we recommend proper protection like long sleeves, long trousers and an anti-mosquito solution like ‘DEET’.

The largest part of the equipment is made available to you by Travel4Pros, but give us a call should you hesitate about your equipment. An extensive packing list will be sent to you during booking.

We do not usually employ an age limit. It is much more important that you possess a flexible attitude and team-spirit. This is a journey through rugged and uninhabited natural terrain, where the chance persists that we deviate from the pre-determined route because of local conditions.

Brokopondo kayak challenge is inclusive:

Experienced guide, transport, two nights in hotel Eco Resort, complete Wilderness System kayak, pick-up service, all accommodation during the trip in comfortable one or two person tents, mealplan full-board during the kayak trip, medical kit, safety equipment, waterproof luggage box, domestic transport Paramaribo , taxes

Not included:

Expense of personal nature like laundry, telephone/fax calls, alcoholic beverages, medical expenses, airport departure tax , insurance, tipping, meals or beverages that are not specified on the above inclusions, International  Air fares, expenses caused by factors beyond our control like air plane delays, lost luggage, etc., personal gear and clothing (sleeping bag, pad, boots, outerwear, all other clothing)