Kayser Canoe expedition

Kayser Canoe expedition
Trip type: 
Date of outward travel: 
by request
Date of homeward travel: 
Travel time: 
19 days
Price per person: 
€ 3995,-

This expedition takes place just once a year and is one of the most astounding travels you can experience in Suriname!

The indigenous inhabitants of Suriname are the Indians. For thousands of years they have mastered the art of jungle survival. They passed down this art several centuries ago to West-Africans, who moved into the unknown jungle after they had been brought from Africa to Suriname by colonists. A unique collaboration came into play, one of two different cultures, who up to this point have managed to preserve their own identities.  The Suriname landscape is comprised of untamed tropical rainforests with a rich and varied animal kingdom, savannahs and mountain ranges boasting granite summits. The Suriname landscape will be just as impressive to the modern traveler as it was for the Dutch explorers who only first broke through the ‘impassable’ in-lands of Suriname some 90 years ago.

This canoe “expedition” across the Lucie river offers Travel4Pros nature enthusiasts and adventurers the opportunity to discover Suriname by canoe in a safe and responsible way. Discover the primal forest and its animals, the buzzing rivers with wild currents and the bare mountain summits with impressive vistas. Discover the sensation behind a jungle sunset, the cacophony of sounds, the beauty of all plants and animals exotic. Discover the Suriname belonging to the Trio Indians, the indigenous peoples of Suriname.  Suriname is no destination for the traveler who wants to kick back and relax on the beach for three weeks straight. Yet, if you are adventurous, and willing to surrender to the country’s rhythm and its impressive jungle, then walk in the footsteps of the last Dutch explorers!

Travel schedule

Day 1
Flight Amsterdam – Paramaribo, transfer airport Zanderij – Paramaribo
Hotel Eco Resort, 2 per room including accommodation/breakfast.

Day 2
We spend all day preparing for our leave. We purchase food, machetes and fishing equipment, and we have one last extensive meal in one of Paramaribo’s fine restaurants after this stimulating day, before we leave for our journey through the Lucie river at the heart of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve the next day.
Hotel Eco resort 2 per room incl. accommodation/breakfast

Day 3
Today we get up early and take our entire equipment to the Paramaribo airport. We board the plane and head over to the Kayser airstrip after a spectacular flight over the Suriname jungle, where we land in its midst and set up camp. We spend the night with the backdrop sounds of the jungle and its waterfalls. Spacious 2-person expedition tents. Full pension

Day 4 to 15
Today we descend down the Lucie river. The first part is quite narrow, preventing us from covering a lot of distance in the coming days, and we’ll often have to use ropes to drag the canoes forward – across land during strong currents, or across water when it’s shallow. The expedition takes us past one of the most astounding locations within the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. This reserve is the largest uninhabited reserve of its kind in the world and is host to special plants and animals, of which the different orchids and animals like the jaguar, the tree boa, giant otter and the monkey-eating eagle are probably the most interesting.
Spacious 2-person expedition tents. Full pension

Day 16
The expedition comes to an end and boy do we feel tired (but content). We have our well-earned rest in this first Indian village at the river. All events of this fascinating journey are relived once more, before we leave the barely uncovered jungle of Suriname again by plane. Hotel Eco resort 2 per room incl. accommodation/breakfast

Day 17
Swimming and relaxing, or a visit to a bustling night-time Paramaribo where we enjoy an extensive meal. Hotel Eco resort 2 per room incl. accommodation/breakfast

Day 18
Transfer to Zanderij airport and departure to Amsterdam, night flight.

Day 19
Arrival Amsterdam Airport at around 09:00

Commonly asked questions


We don’t travel during the raining season so the weather will be warm (between 24 C and 34 C).
The wind will keep you from noticing the sun’s brightness, so you will need to protect yourself well by regularly applying protective lotion with at least factor 30.

Yes, but anyone who is decently in shape and of good health can participate in this canoe trip. It is not a race and the intention is to enjoy the amazing environment in a more active way.

We use the Advanced Elements inflatable scout Sit on Top kayaks for this tour. A flat bottom in the cockpit ensures for a stable boat, while its length and limited depth give it sufficient speed. The boat has a comfortable backrest, plenty of storage to accommodate a longer expedition.

In principle, all those without prior canoe experience can participate in this tour, but we do advise those travelers to rent a canoe a few times beforehand to gain some experience. Experienced guides will accompany you during this journey, who will assist you wherever possible.

Yes there are but as we spent most of the time on the kayak and sleep on safe places islands you will find any dangerous animals, there are some mosquitos  that is why we recommend proper protection like long sleeves, long trousers and an anti-mosquito solution like ‘DEET’.

The largest part of the equipment is made available to you by Travel4Pros, but give us a call should you hesitate about your equipment. An extensive packing list will be sent to you during booking.

We do not usually employ an age limit. It is much more important that you possess a flexible attitude and team-spirit. This is a journey through rugged and uninhabited natural terrain, where the chance persists that we deviate from the pre-determined route because of local conditions.

Kayser kayak challenge is inclusive:

Experienced guide, two internal charter flights, complete  kayak, pick-up service, all accommodation during the trip in comfortable one or two person tents, mealplan full-board during the kayak trip, medical kit, safety equipment, domestic transport Paramaribo , taxes

Not included:

International Air fares, costs of personal nature like laundry, telephone/fax calls, alcoholic beverages, medical expenses, airport departure tax , insurance, tipping, meals or beverages that are not specified on the above inclusions,, expenses caused by factors beyond our control like air plane delays, lost luggage, etc., personal gear and clothing (sleeping bag, pad, boots, outerwear, all other clothing)