Who are we

Suriname Kayak Adventures is part of Travel4Professionals and Peperpot Plantage. For over 25 years, we have hosted and supported tours and expeditions in Suriname.

Our company specializes in canoe travel. Next to professional expeditions and multi-day adventurous jungle trips, we host canoe holidays and day trips for the whole family. Travel4Professionals has supported many TV productions and incentives in Suriname and has been responsible for all press delegations of the National Geographic Channel for over 15 years.

Nature and culture

With offices in the Netherlands and Suriname, Suriname Kayak Adventures offers the widest assortment in special canoe trips. Our purpose is to take our customers along to Suriname’s most untamed areas, in an adventurous yet responsible way. To do this, we often follow in the footsteps of historical explorers and adventurers. Respect for nature and culture are highly valued for this.


The traveler should feel like he or she is part of recordings for a National Geographic documentary. Suriname Kayak Adventures is able to provide that exact experience, given that we have been the exclusive provider for this renowned channel for years when it comes to travel. We have, for instance, written and guided the very first Dutch documentary in Suriname, which was broadcast globally.


Travel4Pros offers active journeys with great variations in difficulty. This allows you to select the journey that best suits you. Whether it’s a day tour or a full expedition, a tour by Suriname Kayak Adventures starts where others end.